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Mayhem & Chaos Videos

Party Video Killer Clowns from Outer Space is my first iMovie project where I spliced together a bunch of 30 second clips from our New Years Party. (22.1Mb)
Lissajous Animation The Dream of the Dolphin is a video from my Spline Cylinders senior project at at Cal Poly. This animation was shown as part of the SIGGRAPH Space exhibit in 1995. (A crappy VHS tapes was the source for this. Alas.) (23.7Mb)
Programming Contest The ACM International Programming Contest Finals 1994 is a great place to be a freak and to have it documented on Good Morning America. (38.9Mb)
Hair for Hire SLO's KSBY aired Hair for Hire, a short clip about me pimpin out my hair to EMusic. (26.0Mb)
Ballistic Golf SLO's KSBY also covered Ballistic Golf, a segment about the Black Rock Country Club project for Burning Man1998. (40.4Mb)
Rob and Ian Rob and Ian at Burning Man, as captured by the TBS show TopX. (5.3Mb)
FreeAmp Jean's Ass at Burning Man, also captured by TopX. (1.2Mb)