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Mayhem & Chaos' Tipjar

I continue to spend many hours working on the open source projects I love. Unfortunately these hours are not paid, except for the occasional thanks and pats on my back. I'm not taking on a steady job in order to have time to dedicate to MusicBrainz. Not having a job keeps me from investing into my future, and I'm merely treading water at this point.

If you like the work that I've done, like the person I am, or for some other reason would like to contribute to me (not my projects) and help me make ends meet, please hit one of the PayPal links below and send me some cash! Your contributions will ensure that I will continue to hack on open source projects for the greater good of the Internet community!




Other Amount

Alternatively, if you don't like giving cash, please consider purchasing an item off my wishlist!

Money donated so far: $ 305.83

2005-06-21Duane Harkness$ 9.41
2005-05-08Robert Munro$ 27.00
2005-05-01Matthias Friedrich(€50) $ 58.73
2005-04-17Mo$ 10.00
2005-04-11Cristov Russell$ 10.00
2005-04-01Stephan Kestenholz(€50) $ 59.97
2005-01-13Matthias Friedrich(€40) $ 49.06
2004-10-09Tarragon Allen$ 25.00
2004-10-09John Carter$ 20.00
2003-09-18Bill Emmack$ 6.66
2003-05-25MsCapriKell.com$ 10.00
2003-02-13Ed Grether$ 10.00
2003-02-10Scratchy$ 10.00
2003-01-05Jeff Balsz$ 10.00