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November 24, 2005

Dead head heart


This heart shows some serious dead-head influences. Seen in SF's mission district.

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Thong Mannekin


This lingerie mannekin is showing off Victoria's Secret's new thong line. Many people stopped in the street to look at the butt in the window, as this is not very proper for San Luis Obispo. I suspect that this mannekin will be gone before I return from vacation. (If its not gone already).

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November 17, 2005

Ozomatli @ Graduate 2


Shot two, not radically different...

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Ozomatli @ Graduate 1


Ozomatli played at the club near my house last night. Its a nice change to walk to a concert (as opposed to driving 4 hours). They rocked the house as usual and it was challenging to get a decent picture of them. Some of these shots turned out ok.

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November 11, 2005

Ryan and Ariel


Not sure how this shot came about or what was going on, but it sure looks cool!

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Mayhem & Ryan


Mayhem and Ryan, taking a breather.

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Resting spot


At the top we found a nice chill spot where someone had dug a hole and lined the hole with rocks to make a nice place to kick it for a minute. The location was carefully chosen -- you had the best vantage point over many of the beautiful spots visible from there. Awesome spot -- I want to find a shorter route from my house!

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More arm juggling


This time, I'm the juggling victim.

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Arm Juggling


And here we have Ryan juggling Ariel's arms. Quite trippy and strange...

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Silly compatriots


And here a silly moment with my compatriots!

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Pismo Dunes


And you could see the Pismo Dunes.

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Los Osos & Morro Bay


And from the same vantage point you could see Los Osos and Morro Bay.

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SLO & Port San Luis


At the top we could see Port San Luis and SLO in one view!!

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Junk sculpture


And then we found some junk sculptures in a meadow.

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Gaining altitude


And the views got better as we hiked higher.

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Reservoir Canyon


This past weekend we hiked reservoir canyon. At first we had nice wooded walks...

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Another cricket


A much smaller cricket came into the TW kitchen a couple of days ago...

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Why I hate Las Vegas


People always ask me why I hate Las Vegas so much -- when I was at the Vegas airport for an hour last week I was reminded: Everything in Vegas is a casino. Here, the airport departure lounge is filled with slot machines. Gah!

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November 02, 2005

Dont steal music


The packaging for my shiny new iPod Video reminds me to not steal music. Lame. Very lame. I expect better from Apple.

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Cory Doctorow


Cory, giving his DRM speech at the UNC Symposium on intellectual property and innovation.

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Powdered Toast Man


This was one of my favorite costumes at Hilloween in Chapel Hill, NC.

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