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September 26, 2005

Fearless leader


Steve Courtkees and toes, knees and toes -- our fearless leader with his own themesong!

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Hamburg Flag


Someone was flying this Hamburg flag in their camp at Burning Man. I never did find who it belonged to...

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School girls


My favorite kind of school girls, too!

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MOST in the Monkey Lounge...

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Intolerant Neighbors


I wonder why some neighbors think that parking an RV and having people live in it for weeks is OK. But as soon as someone parks the bus in their neighborhood, they get all snotty and demand that the bus be moved right NOW. City law allow us to park the bus on public streets for 72 hours, whereas camping on public streets is never allowed.

Intolerant wankers. Gotta love 'em.

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September 21, 2005



The playa, up close and personal!

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Tower with climber


This is the shadow of the stainless steel tower -- I think Neil is climbing inside the tower in this picture.

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Giant bug art car


This giant wheeled art car slowly creeps along the playa -- powered with solar cells and a 2K honda generator in the back. This art car/vehicle is one of the more unique designs, as opposed to the usual "take car/bus/van, hack, slash, tweak and glue more stuff on" approach.

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Simone as St. Pauli Girl


Simone, dressed up as the St. Pauli Girl.

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September 20, 2005

Local rental only


Heheheh. I doubt that these guys are sticking to their rental agreement. :-)

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Metal Horse


This cool metal horse was the front piece of an art car. This picture was taken for Nicole!

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Ladder at night


This is the really tall ladder again -- just illuminated at night. Waay cool too!

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This was the simon game -- the same game where you are given a pattern to memorize and repeat after the game. Except this one uses flame throwers instead of wimpy little lights.

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September 19, 2005

What is this?


Most people who came with me to check out this art piece didn't get it at first. It took me a minute to grok it myself...

I won't give it away, just yet. I'll post a daytime picture next that may shed more light (ha ha!) on the situation. (For a clue, see the name of the image)

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The man at night 2005


The Burning Man at night -- complete with new neon decorations. Someone suggested he had fallopian tubes. Hmmmm.

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Giant Flower


This large cherry picker was converted into a giant flower that would slowly roam the playa. It was only out at night and the flash on my camera was too weak to get a picture of it. I tweaked the levels on this picture to eeek out this one visible shot, at the expense of the real colors. At least you should be able to get the idea. It was toooo cool!

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This is our dear friend Fucky feeling cracked out and threatened by the camera.

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September 13, 2005

Children sign


This cool sign was on the 7:30 road...

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Peace Sign


Peace sign, up close and personal. With a view of the man....

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Random metal art


I forget what this random metal art was, but it was pretty....

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George & Mayhem


I managed to get my picture taken with George as he was leaving the cocktail party after the second day of the Future of Music Conference wrapped up.

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September 12, 2005

George Clinton


George Clinton at the Future of Music Summit in DC.

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Ball guy


This guy's costume was straight out of some comic book. His outfit was totally bulky and he was moving slow, but he looked really good (and scorching hot).

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Fire lane


A view down the Fandango fire lane. Note the BM styled no parking sign, complete with graffiti.

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Geodesic domes


Papa dome and baby dome in tethered aviation camp.

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Fandango Bar


This is a nice behind the scenes look of the Fandango bar -- which was never closed (though self serve at times).

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Smoke rings


Someone on the playa kept shooting off heavy duty smoke rings that would hover in the hair for minutes. I never did figure out who was making those...

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September 10, 2005



Collossus -- this sculpture was the keyhole art piece. Three boulders hanging from three arms. Each of the boulders has a rope dangling from it, allowing people to come by and tug mightily on the ropes to get the whole sculpture to turn. The inherent psychology here is that you need to trust the art in order to play with it. Not a single person I saw (including myself) gave this a single thought -- everyone just started playing with the sculpture. I just yanked on the rope as hard as I could. :-)

Afterall, the sculpture was massively over-engineered.

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The Man 2005


This is the man in 2005 -- this year in two-tone red and green, with new adornments. Someone suggested fallopian tubes -- the night shot I'll post later will show more details.

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City keys


Here are the keys to the city. Nicely bolted down so that no one steals the city while we're sleeping. That is assuming that BRC ever sleeps.

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Nice shot down the promenade from Collossus. The two people in the foreground are playing with collossus.

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September 06, 2005

Big ladder


This was one of my favorite Burning Man installations. Its a 108 foot ladder out in the middle of nowhere. It goes straight up to... nothing. The beautiy and futility of it all amazes me still!

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