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June 25, 2005

Backlit bubble


I'm still not sure what this was, but with the sun behind it, its even cooler.

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Man Burning


A nice shot where you can see firework, the base catching on fire and the man -- most of my other shots had the man obscured.

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Temple Burning


This was the 2004 temple burn that used telephone poles as part of its construction and ended up burning for hours! This is a nice shot as it starts bursting into flames.

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Blooming hippo pond


The water lillies in our hippo pond are blooming -- very pretty!

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June 24, 2005

Neon Glory


A really nice shot of the man -- I want a better camera!

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June 15, 2005

Luxury homeless condo


Where most homeless people are happy with one shopping cart, this pack-rat homeless guy has hitched up two shopping carts to make a homeless condo for himself. Complete with folding chair.

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June 14, 2005

Regional jet


This regional jet in the center of the picture was spotted at LAX. I keep hoping that United will start Jet service to SLO and seeing this plane was the first good sign. Can't be too much longer now -- I hope.

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Modern old building


This building in Hamburg is designed to blend in with the other dark red brick buildings around it. Except its all new and shit. :-)

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A'dam's old church


Amsterdam's Oude Kerk among other old buildings.

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A'dam cafe again


Another shot from the cafe in Amsterdam with the funky window tinting.

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Florida tomatoes?


I spotted this at Carl's Jr. last year during hurricane season. I find it sad that we're (not) eating tomatoes from Florida when we could be eating the tomatoes they grow across the street from this Carls' in Santa Maria.

Gotta love the corporate non-sense.

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June 13, 2005

7 engines


7 engines and nothing to tow. WTF?

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June 11, 2005

Amsterdam Cafe


This is the street-view from a cafe in Amsterdam that has funky color-tinted windows. I stopped off here trying to kill a two hour air-to-train layover.

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Luton Airport


This is an EasyJet 737 at Luton Airport at 6am. Too early (especially if you've been up for since 3am) to be taking pictures, but this one came out pretty good all things considered.

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Classic tube station


This is the Covent Garden tube station in London -- its one of the classic designs with the classic dark red tiles.

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Sixt always does crazy and outrageous advertising for their car rental service. This Benz in the Hamburg airport is supposedly fastened by 'cheap glue' since that is all that is left with their low rates.

Good marketing gimmick!

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June 10, 2005

MusicBrainz World Headquarters


This is the new MetaBrainz Foundation office here in SLO. Home sweet home -- a place all of my own where I can escape and get work done. Its been a long time in the making and its taken a lot of my time to get things set up, but I'm really going to enjoy it.

Oh, and our DSL gets fed from a fiber connection 200 yards away. Speeeeedy!!

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Honda Ruckus


As planned, I just purchased a Honda Ruckus so I have more mobility around town. While it isn't a rocket by any means, its speedy and zippy enough to get around SLO. And since I can ride in bike lanes, I think it will even be faster than a car that can get stuck in traffic.

Plus the gas consumption should be execellent. I gassed up for $2.52 yesterday -- that should be good for a week or two. :-)

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June 08, 2005

Poppink Glas?


No thanks, I prefer my glass whole and in one piece. (seen in Delft, NL)

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Twix only!


This 'Twix Only' vending machine was inside of Hotel Winston in Amsterdam. Just one kind of perfect snack and a whole lot of them. Ahhh -- the simple pleasures in life!

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Collosal hack


This collosal hack (all parts red) are holding up the Amsterdam Centraal train station roof (grey parts). For some reason they needed to rest the weight of that roof pillar a meter to either side of where it used to rest.

They are currently working hard to construct a subway underneath the train station... which resets on some 11,000 pylons that are drilled into the river (Het Ij). The dutch are crazy -- I *love* them!

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White cat


This white cat likes to come over in the morning and have a drink from the hippo pond -- busted!

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Amtrak train pulling in


This Amtrak train (running nearly 2 hours late -- as usual) is just now arriving in SLO. And its not moving very fast -- perhaps that's the reason why its already 2 hours late. And that is only 5 hours into a 30some hour trip up to Seattle.


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