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May 20, 2005

No photos


Ok, so I am punk ass bitch. This picture was taken in some back alley in the Sternschanze quarter in Hamburg.

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Theater with Horns


The is the Hamburg Schauspielhaus -- I like the horns they put on top of the building. Very nice!

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HH trainstation


This shot is from the inside of the train station. The blue/yellow train on the right side is not DB (Deutsche Bahn) -- its a private company that offers train service for segements that DB doesn't offer. Competition is good!

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Hamburg Hbf


This is the backside of the main train station. Note the brown parts of the roof -- that is copper plating that will turn green in another 10 years or so. The station used to be green for many years before it was restored with new copper plating. We'll have to wait a while for them to turn green again.

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May 14, 2005

Fritz Kola


This new Fritz Kola is supposed to be the shit -- I didn't get a chance to try it after I got the glowing review -- bummer. I like the bottles and the name. :-)

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Low tide fleet


The Elbe river is a tidal river that ebbs and flows roughly every 8 hours. This canal is indirectly connected to the Elbe and this picture was taken near low tide. Kinda spooky, no?

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May 13, 2005

Emergency Douche?


This emergency shower at TU Delft is nothing out of the ordinary. But to english speakers, having an emergency douche may seem a little odd. :-)

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Hamburg Mett Broetchen


Believe if it or not, but these open faced sandwiches with the onions and cucumber slices are the predecessor to America's most prominent cultural achievement: the Hamburger.

The main component of these sandwiches is mett, which is a high quality (think sushi quality) beef that is served raw on a bun. Some emigrant to the US from Hamburg attempted to introduce this sandwich to the US, but the US market refused to eat raw beef. So the sandwich was changed over time and became the Hamburger.

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Retro water fountain


This water fountain has been cool for the last 30 years that I've been walking past it after school, or now when I visit Hamburg. The 70's design of the building the the water fountain is almost cool again.

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Hamburg Fleet


This fleet (canal) in Hamburg has the oldest houses in the entire city. These houses managed to somehow escpape the firestorm after Hamburg was bombed during WWII.

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May 03, 2005

ICE 3 cockpit


This is the ICE 3 en route to Amsterdam. I managed to speak with the driver and have them give me an explanation of the basic controls -- very interesting stuff!

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Balzac Coffee


These guys make great coffee and are to be found in lots of places downtown Hamburg. But with a name like this I think they will have a hard time getting into English speaking markets.

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Swans on the Alster


These are the famous swans of Hamburg, gobbling up any bread that passing people like myself will throw into the water.

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