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July 24, 2004

Beyond the Rainbow


This is my new Beyond The Rainbow hair-do -- as usual now these days, its was cut by Ariel. The red stripe is the the smoothed leftovers of the Rainbow Hair. For Burning Man I'll have a three generation, thus three lengths, hair-do. I'll post some daylight pictures soon.

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Rainbow Hair


This was my hair for the Rainbow Gathering. Ariel has got a good grasp on making cool hair, no?

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July 19, 2004

Junkmail W


This is my first junkmail topiary -- the letter W.

This W was an effigy of our president. W stands for WORST president EVER.

Unfortunately, it seems to have done little good. Shrub is still running around ruining our the US and poisoning the planet.

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The man on fire


Hmmm. Nice cozy fire made with junkmail, wood, parafin wax and citronella oil.

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Torching scarecrows


Here is Morely setting the scarecrows ablaze with class!

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Buster Friendly


The man behind the Junkmal Man himself!

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July 12, 2004

Cool pine tree


The pine trees in Modoc are beautiful and amazing. Add one healthy dose of sun in the early morning and you get pictures like this one.

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Modoc quarry


This was the quarry near our camp site at the gathering. Early in the morning when we left the steam was rising off the quarry for one last amazing moment in nature.

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Blonde Hippie


She is another great example of a hippie: young, toting a dog and a beat up water bottle. Maybe it was just the orange dress that got me. :-)

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Ariel's friend Ali -- Ali is a cool guy and an excellent example of a fellow Rainbow. His age and ethnic background shows that Rainbow has a good tolerance of people from all walks of life. At the Gathering it isn't hard to find three generations of people from one family camping together.

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July 07, 2004

Three rainbows


Here are our three intrepid rainbows at this year's annual Rainbow Gathering in the Modoc National Park.

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Modoc Nat. Park


This is the beatiful Modoc National Park in California where the Rainbow Gathering was held this year.

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