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May 29, 2004

Clam Juice?


Woah. Their marketing department is out of touch with current slang -- that's for sure. Mussel juice? Clam extract? But not clam juice!

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May 28, 2004

Classic american


I really like this shot -- the car is nearly a mile long and the perspective makes it even longer. The shiny reflections of cracked asphalt and exposed powerlines makes this picture what I would define as 'classic american'.

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Four violins


This is the string instrument subsystem of one of the machines that is currently being restored. These four violins are mounted so that the cylindrical violin string drum thing can revolve around the violins.

The machine controls pressing the violins into the string to control the volume of the sound produced by the violin. The neck of the violin is covered with actuators that press on the strings so that the machine can control the notes produced by the violin.

The amazing thing is that this beast controls four instruments and actually plays them in a pleasant manner (along with over a half dozen more instruments). What is even more amazing is that this contraption was built before 1910!

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Helios 3 Orchestrion


This is one of the bigger Orchestrion's that they have worked on, and still, there were two models that were larger than this one. None of those survive and only two of the model 3 remain in existance today. This being one of the two.

Dave created the outer stained glass sidepanels -- they wanted to farm that out job, so they called the best stained glass place in the country and they said: No Way! Too complicated for us! So, Dave did all that work himself, including training himself to this this the first place. Wow.

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Orchestrion Guts


These are the gears that distribute power inside one of the orchestrions at Dave Sorrow's open house.

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Spam Sashimi


And this was the second and most exclusive dish from Havoc Cuisine -- Spam Sashimi Bites.

Yup, its exactly what is sounds like.

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Spam Bites


Jean's office is having a luau themed potluck tomorrow to celebrate a cow-orkers birthday. Jean needed something Hawaiian to bring to the potluck and we could only come up with SPAM, Pineapple and Macadamia nutz. So, Spam Bites were born.

This is the first production of Havoc Cuisine!

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May 21, 2004

Mushroom in my plant


What is this mushroom (and several smaller ones too) doing in my plant? Sure doesn't look like a fun mushroom to me...

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May 20, 2004

Fixing a truck


This could be a headline from The Onion:

"Racist neighbor hires beaners to fix truck"

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May 19, 2004

Ben on the edge

ben_sanddune.jpg of the dune, that is.
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Cool sand print

sand_print.jpg Nice sand print on Ariel's face...
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Montana de Oro

sand_dune.jpg Our little gang of freaks on the dunes.
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May 18, 2004

No bush in this house!

george_bush_campaign_letter.jpg I saw not choice but to burn this mail. Its was infecting Tanglewood and had to go!
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Bishop's Peak again

dave_sorrow_bishops_jpg.jpg Can you see the hills sourrounding SLO getting yellow? That marks the end of allergy season! Yeay!
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Hippo pond!

hippo_pond.jpg This concrete hippo had lived at the mOOn for several years before finally taking up residence in an old hot tub converted to a hippo pond.
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Nasty green relish

nasty_green_relish.jpg I still ate it though -- it was ok.... What can you expect from airport food?
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May 10, 2004

737 arriving at BWI

southwest_jet_2.jpg This 737 is just coming in and ready to take me to Chi-caaaaa-go.
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Funny ad

odor_eaters.jpg Funny ad near security @ BWI
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FOM: Alt. Comp. Panel

fom_acs.jpg The alternative compensation panel at the Future of Music Summit.
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Derek Sivers @ FOM

derek_sivers.jpg Derek Sivers, the man to get the best round of applause at FOM...
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southwest_plane_1.jpg New-ish 737 -- same plane that flew me to Baltimore...
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