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April 30, 2004

Truck on rails

truck_on_rails.jpg The first time I saw one of these I almost keeled over laughing. Its trippy to see these trucks, but they does make sense...
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Cow town no more!

vinevard_view.jpg SLO used to be a total cow-town, but since the wine moved in, things look a little different around here.
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April 21, 2004

Even more flowers

backyard_flowers_3.jpg These are at the side of the house.
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Backyard flower

backyard_flowers_2.jpg I'm starting to wish I could identify all these flowers. :-)
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Flowers on the fence

backyard_flowers_1.jpg Flowers on our sagging fence...
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Flowers @ Chili Peppers

tons_of_flowers.jpg These flowers (blooming trees, rose bush) is outside of Chili Peppers in SLO. Awesome sight!
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April 19, 2004

mOOn coffee table

coffee-table.jpg This coffee table was expected to have a very short life span. Over a decade later with some decorations and a new chalkboard material resurfacing, the table is still in action, with no signs of slowing down. Thanks for the killer table Steve! If this table could talk!
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wtf.jpg If you can identify this -- I'd be surprised!
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April 15, 2004

High quality chocolate

chocolate.jpg The MusicBrainz tagger has an easter egg that requests people send high quality chocolate to my address. Several people have commented on that easter egg, but no one has ever sent any -- until today! Thank you MorbidClaws!
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Amtrak in SLO

amtrak.jpg This is the 4:something (and just about the only train) headed south in SLO. This train is in its natural state -- at rest; which tends to be the natural state for most trains in this country.
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April 14, 2004

Free Culture book signing

free_culture_signing.jpg This is during Larry Lessig's Free Culture book signing at the Stanford Law School.
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G5 Stash

G5_stash.jpg Didn't a microsoftie get fired for taking a similar picture?? This stash was found on a receiving dock at Stanford...
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Down with law??

down_with_law.jpg I saw this flyer in the Stanford Law School...
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April 12, 2004

Apple tree blossoms

apple_tree_blossoms.jpg Apple tree blossoms -- with special fuzzy filter applied. (I really want a decent small camera with a zoom)
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Random flower

random_flower.jpg I just found this picture from way back when....
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Big ass tub

little_truck_big_tub.jpg Is that a little truck or a large hut tub?
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April 09, 2004

Bird of paradise

bird_of_paradise.jpg This bird of paradise just flowered in our backyard.
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April 01, 2004

Yellow flowers

yellow_flowers.jpg Nice flowering bush right by the bike path along the railroad tracks here in SLO.
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vigilante.jpg Sorry, inside joke.
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