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March 20, 2004


spooky_peak.jpg The peak was fun -- sometimes you could see the city, sometimes it was obscured. During the time I was on the peak, the whole area was engulfed in marine layer and visibility went to near zero. A perfect day to hike!
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Up Pishop's Peak

up_bishops.jpg An unusual view up to the peak -- I was hoping the fog would be more dense, but alas...
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Two orange bugs

two_orange_bugs.jpg Two bugs, many years apart, looking very similar sexy...
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March 18, 2004

Eskimo Pie

eskimo_pie.jpg This used to be cooler looking at it said: "Home of the Eskimo Pie" Instead of infringing on the Eskimo pie trademark they are now stepping on M&M's trademark. Too bad, it was cooler before.
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March 17, 2004

Morro Rock at sunset

morro_rock_sunset.jpg The is the 6th of the seven sisters in SLO county...
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Jean in Morro Bay

jean_morro_bay.jpg Can you see Morro Rock in her shades??
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March 16, 2004

Jean and Heather

Jean_and_Heather.jpg At Mardi Gras in full style...
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Dave Sorrow

madonna_dave.jpg Dave Sorrow, my hiking partner in crime...
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Madonna Mountain 2

madonna_slo_2.jpg Nice view of laguna lake and the cloud cover rolling over the mountains on the left.
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Madonna Mountain 1

madonna_slo_1.jpg View of SLO from madonna mountain -- with views of downtown and the airport.
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March 15, 2004

Janky Fireplace

CIMG3063.jpg F*cky build this fireplace (and the house its in), but the fireplace tiling is not quite even. Note the nice waves in the vertical edge. :-)
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Bishops Peak

CIMG3044.jpg This is from Bishops peak, the 3rd of famous 7 sisters mountain cluster in San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. Just behind the big rock on the right is the 4th, behind it the 5th sister. The 6th sister is Morro Rock in Morro Bay, and the 7th sister is now a seamound off the coast of Morro Bay. Cool, eh?
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CIMG3043.jpg Nope, this is not the alps. Just plain old SLO.
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CIMG3042.jpg This picture pleases me since it shows mother natures endless cycle.
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March 09, 2004

Poly Canyon

CIMG3006.jpg Coming out of poly canyon near sunset time.
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Rolling hills

CIMG3001.jpg Candy-Ho at plat in Poly Canyon.
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Pop quiz?

CIMG2975.jpg Beans, rice and popcorn is pretty silly already. But Beans, rice and popquiz makes it funnier still.
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Shivering marsupial

CIMG2932.jpg Fucky's brother at the Mardi Gras party.
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CIMG1991.jpg Who the flock is that?
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CIMG2082.jpg Greg in some borrowed clothes -- clothes he ruined in the process. He should've known better than to steal Jean's stuff. :-)
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Dog Drop

dog_drop.jpg OK, this one is not my picture, but I had to post it.
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CIMG2006.jpg Jean, Fucky and Brian at the Establishment Halloween party.
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Turtle and Joel

CIMG1935.jpg At the mOOnset and auction party.
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Blue Fire

blue_fire.jpg Jack concocted some magic potion that when sprayed into fire would turn the fire blue. Gotta love Jack!
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