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December 26, 2003


rainbow.jpg This was actually a double-rainbow, but you can't really see it on this shot.
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Oil pumps

CIMG2459.jpg The one thing that still freaks me out about LA is that you will find random scattered oil pumps in various strange places. This one is in a McD's parking lot in Signal Hill. Go figure.
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December 15, 2003

Bling bling

helix_check.jpg I got the check from Real Networks for my Helix Community Grant today! Yeay!
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December 10, 2003

Smoking kills

CIMG2440.jpg Check out the warnings on these cigs. There is also one that says: "Smoking causes a long and painful death." Ahh, truth in advertising.
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Continental Drift

CIMG2438.jpg This lake near Den Haag HS is actually the roof of a massive parking garage -- the little concrete chunk that is drifting away is continental drift... The dutch are weird -- I like them!
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Hummel Hummel

CIMG2426.jpg Hummel Hummel is a famour character in Hamburg. The city decided to let a bunch of artists decorate these statues all over the city center. Cool idea, but most of the suck -- they are hideous. Except this orange one with big feet.
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CIMG2361.jpg Read: Keep your drippy stroopwafels away from our clothes. (There is a fresh stroopwafel stand three doors down)
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MusicBrainz Summit 5

CIMG2142.jpg MusicBrainz Summit #5 attendees, after the summit enjoying a beer. From left to right: Richard, Russ, Dave, Jamie, John, RJ
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December 01, 2003

Lego Store

lego_store.jpg This is inside the Lego store -- here you can pick a crapload of the exact piece you need. No more wishing to have an infinite supply of one piece!
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ICE3 Cockpit

ice3_cockpit.jpg The ICE3 cockpit is behind clear glass doors and is remarkably simple. You'd figure that with such and advanced train there would be dozen of control panels and whatnot. This train has fewer controls than out local subway. Trippy.
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Heren Gracht

heren_gracht.jpg A sunset shot of Herengracht as seen from Gasthuismolensteeg/Harten Straat. Notice the moon and the nice water reflection.
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Belgium cafe mishap

belgium_cafe_mishap.jpg A shot from inside the Beglian beer bar. Outside is a plant, a walkway, and a bike up against a large poster of an autum forest scene. Look, there is the ring!
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