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November 21, 2003

Tube escalators

CIMG2135.jpg This set of escalators isn't even one of the longer ones...
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Camden Town

CIMG2131.jpg Camden Town is one of my favorite places in London...
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St. Pancras Rail Station

CIMG2129.jpg St. Pancras rail station in London -- from here I took the Midland Mainline to Bedford.
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CIMG2110.jpg Here is the assortment of Pesto's I cooked for my first Pesto evening...
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November 14, 2003


rugburns.jpg Ha! That's what you get for getting drunk and wrestling all the big guys!
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Dr. Tabouli

Dr. Tabouli.jpg Dr. Tabouli after his first party performance in his trademark Prundale beanie.
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Cool bike

cool_bike.jpg This is my favorite bike at the Bike Happening. And extra seat, occupied by a cute babe wearing a collander. What more can you ask for??
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November 05, 2003

Office with a view

skylight.jpg My office has a skylight -- nice view of the sky...
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V the Ho

vtheho.jpg Victoria, my fellow Ho for the Establishment Halloween Party 2003...
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splat.jpg I really like decorating with a Potato Cannon!
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