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October 12, 2003

Smoking Pous

smoking_pous.jpg Pous, double fisted smoking...
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October 10, 2003

Rumpskins loves chili cheese dogs

rumpskins_eating.jpg Here is Rumpskins with his beloved treat -- a fresh chili cheese dog!
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Floating House

floating_house.jpg Here in California houses are built from wood. This is still a strange concept to me -- I grew up in Germany where most everything is built from brick. The idea to lift a house up and put in a new foundation, let alone moving it across town, is flabbergasting.
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October 06, 2003

Birthday card, moon style

bday_card_moon_style.jpg Here is Luella signing Anton's birthday card -- his feet!
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SLO Public Art

slo_art.jpg This is one of the better pieces of public art in SLO. Sad, eh??
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thistles.jpg Some Thisles at the base of Madonna mountain.
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Cassidy von Biscuit

cassidy_flyer.jpg This was the poster my friend Dan put up when his cat ran away.
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