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September 17, 2003

Bishop's Peak

bishops_peak_1.jpg A nice shot looking down Los Osos Valley from Bishop's Peak.
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Moon artcar

moon_car.jpg Very cool and yet simple artcar.
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Ian's friend Lisa

costume_1.jpg Kick ass costume!
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Turtle's Wedding

turtle_wedding.jpg A long exposure shot of turtle at her wedding to the man.
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September 09, 2003

Jean and the Man

the_man_and_jean.jpg Jean on her kick ass new bike in front of the Man.
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BRC Rollercoaster


On monday these folks rolled down our street with a big-ass flatbed trailer truck loaded to the gills. One guy was standing on top of it screaming:

This is Black Rock City's first rollercoaster. Come see this rollercoaster in action at so-and-so and Esplanade tonight!

I'm thinking: "Rollercoaster? Yeah, right! Tonight? Dream on!" That night we go for a walk and lo-and-behold, there is the rollercoaster, giving people rides. Its basically a free fall with lots of spinning on your own axis. And they have some really georgeous female burner operating the flamethrower that further disoriented the riders.

What is next in black rock city???

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Granite slabs

granite_slabs.jpg Thos are granite slabs that are suspended from those heavy steel beams. You can climb up on them and make them wobble back and forth. If one were to fall, you'd be squished like a little bug. Just plain amazing! This installation was always surrounded by people -- day and night!
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Ready for bike ride

bike_ride_with_uncle_sid.jpg My favorite event at BM is me riding my mayhem bike on the open playa during the wee hours of saturday morning. Here is me, just prior to departure.
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September 06, 2003

Jean in Paris

europe-0040.jpg When it was ass cold. But damn, look at those eyes!
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Tower of Enlightenment

tower_of_enlightenment.jpg Bryan Finch's tower of enlightenment -- too bad I did get to see it burn...
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September 05, 2003

Eyes with silver ball

silver_ball.jpg Nice little statue near the Temple, and oh so photographically inclined.
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Playa Statue

playa_statue.jpg Some random, but cool statue on the playa. With nice dust background.
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Burning Man in LEDs

led_bman.jpg This is the same project that did the LED Mona Lisa, but this time it showed an image of the man.
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Chandalier arm

chandalier_arm.jpg This is one of the arms from the giant chandalier on the deep playa.
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September 04, 2003

Mayhem Bike

mayhem_bike.jpg This is my Mayhem Bike on the playa. 5 eight fool EL wrapped fiberglass poles bounce around as I drive and swerve on the playa. In the trailer is a wireframe frog with EL wire trim and a glassball with more EL inside his belly. Xmas lights wrap around the bike and its got a loud horn and an old school bike siren. It's quite fun to ride around the playa at night.
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Temple of Honor

temple_of_honor_1.jpg David Best built the Temple of Honor out of cardboard tubes, which looked really cool, but burnt in just a couple of minutes. The temples built from wood were more impressive and burned better. But there was something about this temple that made it quite magical -- as usual.
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Small Fire Tornado

small_fire_tornado.jpg This was the small fire tornado near 7:00 on the esplanade -- this one is propane powered...
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EL Eyes

el_eyes.jpg From the the creators of the breaching whale from last year, we have blinking and animated eyes hovering above the playa.
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September 03, 2003

Jungle Gym

jungle_gym.jpg A jungle gym welded from stainless steel in the middle of the desert. Fun to look at, fun to play on and quite artistic to boot!
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Mona Lisa


This art installation along the Esplanade was simply amazing. If you looked straight on you saw nothing but a tall column of LED lights that were slightly flickering. Boring.

But, if you quickly scanned it by moving your eyes side to side an image of Mona Lisa would appear. Startling and amazing if you aren't expecting it! This photo was taken using a long exposure shot and quickly swiping the camera across the tower of LED ligths.

Other things this display featured cool patterns, the man and an amanita muscaria mushroom. Simply amazing.

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Suspended statue

camp_statue.jpg This statue was in someone's front yard on Dogma.
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Camp Fandango from 1000 feet above

fandango.jpg Nice clean shot of Fandango on Wednesday morning.
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September 02, 2003

RV Blogging

rv_blogging.jpg Here I am desperately trying to get network connectivity on the playa.
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