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July 28, 2003

Driving home

mayhem_driving.jpg And being a nuisance on the road, no doubt.
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Multi layer clouds

clouds.jpg Thursday evening before the ramble to Farmers.
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July 21, 2003


bart.jpg BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit -- a well functioning and quaint subway system. The network is not very extensive, but it's improving and BART undoubtedly reduces traffic congestion in the Bay Area. Its just so damn 70s. :-)
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Oakland Port

oakland_port.jpg Having practically grown up in the port of Hamburg, I'm fond of checking out various ports in the world. Still, none seem as cool as the port of Hamburg. I guess I was an impressionable child. :-)
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July 18, 2003

Ugly ass building

ugly ass building.jpg Earthquake retrofitted house. One of the ugliest buildings on earth -- no doubt.
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Eat my voltage

voltage.jpg Seen in a Prius (Hybrid) car in Berzerkely.
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Berkeley sunset

berkeley-sunset.jpg Sunset in downtown Berkeley, right across from UC Berkeley.
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berries.jpg Picturesque berries at Farmer's Market.
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July 14, 2003

SF and Golden Gate

sf_golden_gate.jpg From about 15,000 feet above SF...
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Portland at night

portland_night.jpg Same view as the daytime shot, but at night....
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July 10, 2003

M$ humor

free_lunch.jpg This banner was hung above the free lunch table at OSCON 2003.
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July 08, 2003

Portland, OR

portland.jpg The view of Derek's Grandmother's place is quite awesome!
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