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June 30, 2003

Turtle spins fire

firespinning.jpg Turle spins fire! (long exposure shot)
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Pink lights

pink lights.jpg Taken during the thank you speech at the surprise gay wedding.
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El Wire

El wire.jpg EL wire moving in front of the lens during a long exposure picture.
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June 25, 2003

Chad welds

CIMG0770.jpg Chad is tacking down the roof frame for the art car.
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CIMG0765.jpg Zannie is grinding some paint off the trailer.
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June 21, 2003

Candy Queen

Candy Queen.jpg At Farmers Market with George.
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June 17, 2003

Bryan and JMM6

Bryan and Junkmailman VI.jpg Bryan Finch, 'da man himself, with his latest creation Junkmailman VI.
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Thursday Night Man

Thursday Man.jpg Thursday night man, ready to be promptly burned on Friday evening. Also known as I'm with stupid Man.
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June 09, 2003

Orange Blur

orange_blur.jpg ... is when you take pictures through and orange ribbed glass. :-)
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June 04, 2003


victoria.jpg Victoria Angel at the Hollywood multiple-birthday hotpants party. She is also the winner over the MVA award!
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