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Welcome to Mayhem & Chaos

By now you're probably wondering 'Why Mayhem and Chaos?'. Easy. My nicktitle is The Mayhem and Chaos Coordinator -- I minimize negative chaos and I maximize positive chaos. Huh? Lemme explain: I am a natural born problem solver and leader, so when I'm involved in a project and there is negative chaos such as confusion or miscommunication I strive to reduce the chaos so that the team can work more effectively.

On the flipside, when the negative chaos is minimized and things start to get boring, I start maximizing postive chaos. I'm also a born troublemaker and I like to have fun and stir things up. So when things get boring I'll think up something to keep people happy and smiling.

Here is an example of me maximizing positive chaos:

Rob never failed to draw a crowd with the distinctive thud of his potato gun. -- Aaron Young
Black Rock City is my favorite vacation spot for maximum chaos. Imagine 25,000 people coming to a desolate desert to create Nevada's 5th largest city for a week. There is no better place to challenge yourself than at Burning Man.

With this introduction I leave you to explore the rest of my home page. Have fun!

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