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Mayhem & Chaos Hair

I hate normal hair, and it really has no place on my head. I prefer to use my head as a canvas onto which my hairdresser Billy Grady can paint the whacky creations that we dream up.

In all of the shots below, you see my real hair -- there is never anything painted or glued to my head. The process to create these hair-dos is simple, but it requires the skilled hand of a trained professional:

  1. Cut the hair to a consistent length.
  2. Bleach the hair, using industrial strength bleach.
  3. Cut/shave the desired shapes into the hair.
  4. Apply hairdye with a brush directly onto the scalp.
  5. Rinse, and smile.
Below is a collection of some of the hair-dos, that Billy and I have created:

The EMusic hair-do is probably my best known hair-do. It ended up being the national ad campain for EMusic.com. Variations on this ad were done up as banner ads, larger than life billboards, and even TV spots. My head was in Times Square in New York for New Years 2000, and someone reported that my head could be seen behind Dan Rather during the New Years coverage. Also, check out this news video clip that talks about this hairdo. (26.0Mb)
Shooting Star, for Burning Man 2004. From the front it looked like a crooked mohawk, but from the back you can see the full shooting star.
Beyond the Rainbow, July 2004 for O'Reilly's OSCON Conference. This cut was based on the Rainbow hair-cut -- we smoothed the rainbow and added a new stripe.
Rainbow, for the Rainbow Gathering, which was near Likely, CA this year.

Bluetooth, Feb 2004 for O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference
Grey matter convolution, for Burning Man 2003.

Apple Mayhem, for the Emerging Tech Conference 2003.
Sakura, for my trip to Japan in Spring 2003. With origami cherry blossom:
Spanish Shawl, for Burning Man 2002. A spanish shawl is a Nudibranch that can be found at the Channel Islands off coast of Santa Barbara in California:

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