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Mayhem & Chaos Essays

Here is a list of essays I've written:

Next Generation File Sharing with Social Networks
published by the O'Reilly Network/OpenP2P, March 5th, 2004

In this essay I talk about the effect of the RIAA's wave of lawsuits and how next generation file sharing systems could combine file trading applications with social network software to create file trading networks that can keep out the bad guys.

[ French Translation by Guillaume Champeau ]

MusicBrainz Non-Profit White Paper
published by MusicBrainz, March 2003

This white paper for MusicBrainz outlines my strategy for creating a non-profit corporation for MusicBrainz and how MusicBrainz should relate to commercial enterprises.

MusicBrainz Data License Issues
published by MusicBrainz, January 2003

My first white paper for MusicBrainz outlines why the old OpenContent license was a bad idea for the MusicBrainz data. Given the US and international laws of copyrighting facts and wanting widespread adoption of the MusicBrainz data, I advocated using Creative Commons licenses for some portions of the dataset and placing the rest of the data into the Public Domain.