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Mayhem & Chaos at Burning Man

Greg and Chad built this Cloud Car for 2002. I jumped in and helped them rig up the electrical system and the EL wire, xmas, strobe and black lights and a 4-speaker sound system rolling with 4.3Gb of MP3s.
Team Deep Stupid build the Trawler for BM 2002. The Trawler was a binary tree mobile with 16 oversized fish hooks that caught random pieces of art floating about the playa.
Jean, Jack, Zoe and myself built the Octopus' Garden for Burning Man 2002. The garden consisted of a large Octopus sitting atop a small shade structure that contained a loveseat and was lined by wind chimes as entertainment for random people passing by. Around the shade structure was a school of fish windsocks that frolicked around the garden. The windsocks and the eyes of the Octopus lit up at night to provide a shooting ambiance.
The Mayhem & Chaos Coordinator at Burning Man 2000, in my two person trike with the orange-babyhead-canopy top.