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March 26, 2010

Cool Tech

Nexus One compared to iPhone 3gs

Last week I switched to a Nexus One phone from Google with service on T-Mobile. My motivations were:

  1. I'm sick of Apple's lock-in crap and their shenanigans in the App Store.
  2. The iPhone is too closed.
  3. To develop for the iPhone you need to pay $100/year. Even if you never release an app, you can't continue running your own apps on your own phone once your dev subscription runs out. Screw you Apple!
  4. The T-Mobile version of the Nexus One should work flawlessly on EU mobile networks and make travel for me much simpler.

Here is my list of pros and cons for the Nexus One after a week of use:

Nexus One vs iPhone 3gs


  • Open. Simply plug in and mount as a drive. You organize your SD card and put what music you want on it.
  • You can install applications without paying. And you distribute apps without Google's approval.
  • Android versions or some equivalent of all the apps I was using are available.
  • No more iTunes!!
  • No dicking around with ringtones. Use any mp3.
  • last.fm worked great driving in the bay area.
  • Pogoplug worked better. Still not awesome.
  • Its overall faster. Pages load faster.
  • Removable battery, removable sd card.
  • Camera is better and has simple flash.
  • The haptic feedback (vibrate feedback rather than audio feedback) is really nice!
  • The turn-by-turn navigation is really awesome. Really fun on a bike too!
  • You can tether your Nexus one!
  • Weighs less.


  • External speakers not nearly as good as the ones on the iPhone.
  • No OmniFocus client (but not a great loss)
  • Screen gets oily and smudged. Need screen protector!
  • In bright light, the screen is hard to see! Automatic brightness adjustments are lacking or could be improved.
  • No timer app. Finding one means sifting through tons of crap.

T-Mobile vs AT&T

It seems that I don't get 3G as often as I do with AT&T, BUT, overall I would say that the experience of N1 on T-Mobile is overall faster than iPhone 3gs on AT&T. There are tons of factors that factor into this, but as a general overall impression, the 3G service on T-Mobile/N1 is more pleasant. Battery life is about the same on both phones.


I love it and I'm glad I switched. I feel much happier (because its open and not evil) and the experience is overall better. At the price of free and saving $30/month on the plan this was a complete no brainer. Buying a Nexus One as part of a T-Mobile plan should also be a no-brainer if having an unlocked phone isn't so important for you.

A big thumbs up all around!

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