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July 24, 2009

Microsoft Bashing

M$ finally feels the pinch

I've been waiting for Microsoft to finally feel the pinch in its bottom line. Its taken about 10 years longer than I wanted, but the moment has finally come! Between declining computer sales, Linux and Google Apps each of M$'s cash cows are under attack.

But, make no mistake -- M$ still has boatloads of cash on hand and is still making money. But the writing is on the wall that unless they can make a real course correction soon, their continued thrashing is going to effectively sideline the company.

Personally I've been leading a M$ free life for nearly 10 years now, so their influence hasn't really affected me in a long time. I almost don't care anymore, except for the decade of my life that was made difficult by crappy M$ products. It will be good to finally see M$ knocked off its promiment position!

(And its funny that this news comes right during the Open Source conference. :-) )

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