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February 11, 2009


California is bankrupt. There is an easy way to fix it!

California is broke. Collapsing businesses are leaving a giant hole in the state budget -- ouch. Now, the Governator needs to cut up to 10k jobs in california as a result, and that won't really stem the losses. Then, to make matters worse, judges decided that jails are overcrowded and that up to 40% of inmates need to be released in the next few years.

Ugh. That looks dire! But wait, there is a perfect solution:

  1. Legalize Marijuana. Don't decriminalize -- legalize.
  2. Tax Marijuana. Everyone knows its the largest cash crop in California.
  3. Stop drug enforcement on Marijuana, divert funds from D.A.R.E and other useless state anti-drug campaigns to help close the budget gap.
  4. Release all prisoners who are incarcerated for victimless crime related to Marijuana.

I don't know if this would effectively close the budget gap completely, but it would get us to stop wasting money on enforcing a drug war that is failing, especially for a drug that poses no harm for society. It would ease overcrowded prisons! Once the finances in the state get better, divert money from anti-Marijuana policies towards drug rehabilitation and no-BS drug education. And, how would corporate America look at this? They would love it, since they had a totally new market of people: Stoners!

Can you imagine if we scrapped the DEA and poured all that money into our education system? That, I think, would be the smartest thing the US can do for preserving its own future. The time has come -- it no longer makes sense to propagate the nonsense that Marijuana presents any kind of danger to the citizens of the world.

Oh, and if the religious right opposes this? Easy -- ask them to finance the Drug War. "You pay, we'll keep fighting it -- please hand over a few billion dollars to cover the tab." Watch them shut up post haste!

I hope Obama can lead the way on this!

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