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Welcome to Mayhem & Chaos

By now you're probably wondering 'Why Mayhem and Chaos?'. Easy. My nicktitle is The Mayhem and Chaos Coordinator -- I minimize negative chaos and I maximize positive chaos. Huh? Lemme explain: I am a natural born problem solver and leader, so when I'm involved in a project and there is negative chaos such as confusion or miscommunication I strive to reduce the chaos so that the team can work more effectively.

On the flipside, when the negative chaos is minimized and things start to get boring, I start maximizing postive chaos. I'm also a born troublemaker and I like to have fun and stir things up. So when things get boring I'll think up something to keep people happy and smiling.

Here I am engaging in interprative chaos:

Hmmm. Toe-jam.
[ Photo by Julian from Supersnail ]

With this introduction I leave you to explore the rest of my home page. Have fun!

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